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Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – The Vaults of Temenos (Inglés)

Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – The Vaults of Temenos (Inglés)

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Producto en Inglés. 136-page hardback narrative expansion for NecromundaTake your gangs on crusade as bitter civil war engulfs the planetNew fighters, crew, and rules for House Cawdor and Enforcer gangs


Solo en inglés.

Cinderak City has fallen, and the rebellious Lady Credo has dealt a significant blow against the Imperial House. Lady Haera Helmawr seeks to consolidate her damaged authority – but even as she sends hundreds of Enforcer patrols flooding into the depths of Hive Primus, a Redemptionist Crusade grows into the tens of thousands, following a mysterious leader in search of a lost prophet...

This narrative expansion follows on from the world-shaking events in Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Cinderak Burning, and continues the Succession Campaign from that book. It also introduces new rules to add even more variety, scope and excitement to your battles on Necromunda.

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